So What Can We Expect?
Fortnite’s Season 4 is coming to a close soon and changes with Season 5 are rumoured to be massive. Toward the end of season 3, a comet had appeared in the sky destined to collide with the map and change the landscape forever. Now with Season 5 coming up, a rocket has been launched that has torn the skies with rifts as the rocket had sewn in and out of dimensions, rumoured to lead the theme of Season 5 to a time travel theme.


Time Travel? But Why You Think That?!
Fortnite Season 5
Just recently, Fortnite had tweeted a photo announcing the upcoming Season 5, with a picture of a face that is said to be a ‘Japanese kitsune’. The Japanese kitsune, according to folklore, is supposed to be able to shapeshift into human form and have supernatural powers.

There have been cases of time travel hints that Epic has added to the game, such as; wooden carriages, pirate anchors, and references to ancient Egypt. We can also see structures of pyramids, the sphynx, castles, and even a western-built town all made in the trailer to Fortnite’s new LTM: Playground.
Great Scott! If only there were a Deloreon added to all this, may be found in a western town, or would that be too preposterous?!



What to expect for the Battle Pass?
The Battle Pass is going to be a definite for the new season. Although the developers haven’t discussed how much it will cost to purchase it, the recent Battle Passes have cost 950 V-Bucks (Fortnite’s in-game currency), which can be bought with real money or earned through Fortnite’s paid version of Save The World.

The Battle Pass allows players to earn character skins, emotes, dances, and sprays, through various experience levels which are earned through challenges or racked up through gameplay. The latest Battle Pass featured 100 levels, which is the same as Season 3’s, but 30 more than the second season.

Season 4’s Battle Pass added the ability to unlock various spray paint emotes that can be used as to leave your mark on the map. This added a new, fun aspect to the game which was enjoyed by many. Further elements to gameplay are yet to be revealed but is sure enough going to innovate the way the game is played.

What about the map?
Epic has always been subtle about any details that they reveal, but there are some instances around the map currently that have lead us to believe something big is coming. For example, the rocket launch on June 30th was huge in preparation for Season 5; the rocket was launched from the Evil Lair by the Visitor, which is said to have torn through time and space.

Since then, we have seen additional rifts spawn around certain parts of the map, including Tomato Town, Retail Row, Lonely Lodge, and most peculiar Greasy Grove – with the Durr Burger from the burger joint disappearing from the game and appearing in real life in a desert in California with a phone number players could call that has lead us to the discovery of coordinates for Greasy Grove.

Although the season doesn’t end for 2 more days, we will likely see some more teasers and trailers being released by Epic in the coming days.

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