– Blocks that are removed during edit mode will appear opaque to prevent people from peeking through their structures
– Quests that require certain weapon eliminations are counted if you down an enemy
– Pickaxes won’t hit the Shopping Cart while inside of it

– Newly-added Epic and Legendary Dual Pistols
– Grenade Launchers now explode fireworks for 4th of July
– Shotgun ammo now drops 4 instead of 5
– Damage to structures by pump shotguns is reduced by 50%, and 25% for both tactical shotguns

– New building in Tilted Towers where the crater was
– More trees in Dusty Divot
– A launched rocket

Fortnite Map 4.5

– Jump in with a squad of up to 4
– Friendly Fire is on!
– Players respawn unless it is within the last 5 minutes
– You have one hour to do what you want on the map
– The storm stays at bay for 55 minutes and takes 5 minutes to close in
– Chest and Ammo crates will spawn 100% of the time
– 100 Llamas will be spawned!

– While on Starter Island, the minimap now displays the entire map as well as bus paths.
– Markers placed on the map now show in-game as waypoint beams
– Markers that are placed will disappear while landing from the Battle Bus
– Health bar has been added to the Shopping Cart

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