Bethesda are teasing the world with something Fallout related, what could it be? Earlier today, Bethesda tweeted a post of a video of a standby screen with a message saying #pleasestandby. This is obviously Fallout related, but what could it mean?

Fallout Standby.jpg


It feels way too early for them to be already releasing Fallout 5, and can’t see a remaster for Fallout: New Vegas as of yet, but Fallout 3, on the other hand, was released 10 years ago on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, 5 years before the next generation consoles were released, which leads to the idea of a 4K remaster.

Although having said all of this, it could be a port for Fallout 4 on the Nintendo Switch. I wouldn’t be surprised if both of these theories were true.

But whatever the reasoning is, we will find out soon enough with E3 right around the corner.

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