Fortnite is leading up to its 1 year of officially being released, and with that, we can reflect on what has been changed or removed from the game since it’s release. People may have forgotten about these items, but will surely remember after reading this article.
Here is a list of what has been removed from the game:
Wall Dynamo
The Wall Dynamo was a trap that was placed on the wall (duh) that when a player was in range, would electrocute them and kill them in an instant. This trap was deadly, due to the fact that back in this stage of the game shields were rare to come by. The wall Dynamo was later removed from the game, at the same time as the Ceiling Zapper and the Launch Pad was removed.
Jump Pad
The jump pad was activated when a player steps onto the pad. The pad would launch the player about 3 stories into the air and remarkably, the player would not experience any fall damage from this – not even if it were from the tallest point in the game! The Jump Pad was later removed and replaced with the launchpad we have today. There were two types of Jump Pads, there was the blue Jump Pad which would launch the player directly up into the air, and then there was the orange Jump Pad that would launch the player in the direction they were going.
Ceiling Zapper
The Ceiling Zapper was a trap that was placed on the ceiling (again, duh). This trap would deal 125 damage to whoever fell victim to its wrath. Although deadly, this trap was not the best at being concealed; the trap would let off zapping noises from time to time, allowing players to hear it coming from a mile away.
With Season 4 coming crashing in, Dusty Depot was not the only thing taking a hit. Crossbows were ‘vaulted’ by Epic Games for the sake of balance, at least for now that is. Crossbows were added to the game for Valentines Day and were notable for having unlimited ammo. Crossbows may still make a return to the game, but seeing as how the two other weapons that were vaulted (Submachine Gun and Guided Missile Launcher) still haven’t made a return to the game, it’s to tell when, or if, they will return to the game.
Smoke Grenade
The Smoke Grenade is pretty self-explanatory, the idea of it being that players would use the grenade to smoke-out an area to either escape or distract other players. This idea may have seemed at the time for the developers, but it was a dud for the battle royale scene. Rarely would you see anyone put this item to good use, and never would you see this item in the top 10 people left. The Smoke Grenade was removed after 2 to 3 months of it being in the game.
Submachine Guns
The Submachine Gun had been in the game since the beginning, and from there had been dubbed one of the worst guns in the game. The Submachine Gun was known for its low fire & damage rate, and although it seemed to be one of the most popular gun dropped from a loot chest, it was not used as much as it’s comparison – the Tactical Submachine Gun. The gun was removed during an update in late January – early February.
Guided Missile Launcher
The Guided Missile Launcher was only released for a short amount of time. During this time, the launcher received countless complaints of over-powered gameplay, which some say resulted in Epic games decision to remove it temporarily from the game. The launcher has been placed in the ‘vault’ due to ‘animation issues’, with no clue on when, or if, it will come back.
The Zapatron was an energy rifle that can be fired normally or can be charged up to fire a shot with crazy amounts of damage. A single shot from the Zapatron would do 50, but when charged up the Zapatron could reach damage of 200+. The Zapatron was removed from the game after only 10 days of it being released. This gun has been widely talked about and has often been suggested to hopefully make a return in an LTM.
Friendly Fire
Although this is not an item, it has been added due to its history of controversy. Friendly Fire in most cases never really lived up to its name. Players would constantly get knocked or killed by their own teammates, either because they want some you have, or just to be a troll. If you are playing random squads and a teammate sees you have a weapon that they want, 9 times out of 10 they will kill you for it.

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